Your Choice for Garage Organization & Storage Systems in Raleigh, NC

Garage Gear Store in Raleigh, NC started out as a vision to help get expensive cars back in our customers garages. We are a subsidiary of a local overhead garage door company – that has been in every type of garage you could imagine.  If anyone knows garages it is us! It started out as we arrived at a customers home. They had two very expensive cars parked outside in the driveway covered with dirt and grime. I did not think much of it other than “the door is broken they must not be able to open it to get the cars in the garage.” Come to find out the door worked just fine but the garage was so full, the cars would not fit!

Garage Gear Store can help get your cars back in the garage. Imagine having an entire 64 square feet of storage added to the space you already have. One 4’ x 8’ storage rack dropped 24” from your ceiling equals the size of an entire closet. Using space you already own eliminates the need for high cost storage units. Allows you to free up closet space and get that car back into the garage. Never unload groceries in the rain again enjoy that garage for what it was intended for.

Storage has become an issue that every American has to address at various stages and times in life. Americans love to store things. Sometimes we store worthless things, sometimes we store sentimental things, and sometimes we store important things. But we certainly love to keep stuff. The problem is that we are constantly running out of space to store all of our items. Some people rent storage units, other people have sheds, but many of us use our garages to store most of the stuff we do not want in our house.